Raydar Stock Screener (Free)

Thousands of Filter and Punch Combinations -- Data Automatically Updated Daily

Quick Start Installation
  1. Download Raydar.zip to your hard drive.
  2. Right Click and extract files.
  3. Password is raydar
  4. Change to Folder where you extracted the files.
  5. Left Click on Install
  6. Problem? You probably skipped a step! Follow directions EXACTLY as written.

     For runtime Mscomctl tech support Click Here

Fast Facts

Raydar has thousands of filter and punch combinations.
The screen capture below is not using any filters or punches so all 10,149 stocks are listed.

Filter selection for Min price, Max price and Min volume can be easily changed or left unchecked and ignored.
Rs is the"Raydar strength" percentage above or below 21 day S&P 500 moving average.
The Search boxes Find and/or Ignores Company names that include terms like "China" or "Gold" etc.

Punches and 3 & 6 Month Highs Drop Down Menus

In addition to Column Sorting and Filters, Punches are extremely useful for screening stocks.

  • 5^10 and 10^21 lists stocks with a close range 5 & 10 day or 10 & 21 day intersect.
  • 50x200 captures stocks that are in a Golden Cross or Death Cross.
  • IPO stocks are selected based on whether they lack a particular Moving Average.

Watch Lists and Web Services

  • The right side of the screen has columns for Watch Lists.
  • The Web button opens Yahoo charts and Zacks in your default browser. We prefer Chrome.
  • Double clicking any stock or watch list will also open Yahoo charts and optionally, Zacks.

No further instructions are needed. Just start using Raydar!

Raydar Stock Screener

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